Doubt reg the parser


I’m new to TypeDB and while going through the github and looking into the code i got a doubt. Is the parser doing the STIX conversion from JSON and then inserting into TypeDB or it’s two different things. Please help me to understand this. Thank you!

am working on this repo currently - GitHub - typedb-osi/typedb-cti: Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform

any help would be highly appreciated.

The file stix/ contains a mapping from “raw” STIX data to TypeDB concepts:

In stix/ we can find the JSON parser method _read_stix_objects_json;

And stix/ contains all the methods for generating TypeQL Insert queries from the imported data:

Thank you @alex
So, to my understanding that’s a step by step process from
mapping → migration → insertion
please correct me for anything.

I’d say so, yes this looks correct to me.

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