Is there a way to make a web UI?

I noticed that all of the supported languages are server-side.

Has anyone made a web UI for a TypeDB-powered app? I’m wondering what kind of stack and architecture would support this. One nice feature would be running the TypeDB in a stateless mode in order to support web users at scale.

For a web interface backed by TypeDB, we’d recommend inserting a Web API server into your stack using Java, Node.js, Python or Julia. (Rust support will be added soon.)

However, in theory it would be possible to establish a direct connection from a website to a TypeDB server. TypeDB client-server communication is powered by gRPC. A client built with the grpc-web library should be able to connect to TypeDB from a website.

This is a generic gRPC library and it would still take some dev work to produce a TypeDB client that depends on it - but I would expect it to be pretty much a case of:

  1. copy/fork typedb-client-nodejs
  2. replace the dependency on grpc-js with grpc-web
  3. massage the code a bit