TypeDB 3.0 Release Timeline

I was considering using TypeDB in production for a green field project, but as per the GitHub repo says TypeDb3.0 is in works and will include changes that cannot be backwards compatibility.
Since the Repo says “We’re aiming to complete this by February/March 2024, released as TypeDB 3.0, along with preliminary benchmarks of TypeDB.”

Is there an updated timeline for the same?
What is the recommendation here? start working with the current version or don’t use at all until it’s over 3.0 ?

Hi @Sumit ! We’re well underway with TypeDB 3.0, but needing a bit more time. Probably another 1-2 months. The note that we added to the docs, was primarily written to avoid any surprises when changes happen, but also to share the excitement with people. Most of the things you learn and build with TypeDB will completely carry over, and the changes will be a small portion of the overall language and API. So, I definitely recommend start working with TypeDB today and upgrade your codebase to 3.0 when it comes out!