What is best Knowledge Graphs Database: TypeDB vs TerminusDB

TerminusDB is a knowledge graph database: TerminusDB - an open-source in-memory document graph database

I can see some difference between TypeDB and TerminusDB.

TypeDB has same power than Semantic Web Stack(RDF, RDFS, OWL, SPARQL and SHACL.), but with much less complexity for user: Semantic Web Standards and TypeDB | Vaticle
TerminusDB uses parts of the semantic web stack but TerminusDB departs where the semantic web stack becomes complex. TerminusDB JSON-like schema, and document interface are designed to make things as easy as possible.

TerminusDB uses parts of the semantic web stack so it can be interoperable with open data, TypeDB can only work with close data.

TerminusDB has git like versionning feature, I think it is a important feature to Knowledge management: Database version control? Yes, but it should be database collaboration

TerminusDB is a in-memory database, developed with high performance language like Prolog and Rust; TypeDB use Java. I think TerminusDB has potential to be very performant, even I can’t find any benchmark to compare both database.

What do you think about both technologies?

Great topic! We could consider including Fluree as it is a similar solution.

I would love it if TypeDB could support support the “open-world assumption” per database; version-control semantics; ledger/blockchain/time-travel; and ideally a javascript-based in-memory engine so it could be embedded in web pages and Node applications. (Fluree has an embeddable javascript server.) But supporting n-ary relationships (as opposed to just triples) is pretty sweet.

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Wow, really interesting! I like much that Fluree integrate the blockchain 's technology.

But maybe Fluree miss still some feature. In its documentation, I don’t see the documentation talks about the inference capabilities (like OWL). Maybe Fluree doesn’t support it.

Fluree miss much popularity compare to TerminuxDB and TypeDB in github. Even if Fluree is just a year younger than TerminusDB. Maybe it exists some reason? (not still mature, miss blog that talk about it, …)