Typedb server doesn't run


Hi Paul, welcome! First off, please keep the language to the practical, like useful logs and things you tried to help us debug.

On windows, the bootup script searches for java using where java - what happens if you run this?


Ok I am sorry. When I type where java nothing happens.

If you can find where the java binary is located, you can try to explicitly set JAVA_HOME environment variable to see if that works?

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Thanks. I have done that and rebooted. But that doesn’t seem to change anything. I have also done everything with Java 21 version.


If you don’t mind editing the ‘typedb’ (bat) script that boots up the server, you could try commenting out the line that checks Java does not exist – it’s these ones:

where java >NUL 2>NUL
    echo Java is not installed on this machine.
    echo TypeDB needs Java 11+ in order to run. See the following setup guide: http://docs.vaticle.com/docs/get-started/setup-guide
    exit 1

It could be that for some reason ‘where java’ fails but that ‘java’ command is found (strangely!)

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Thanks. I’ve commented it out. Now the following happens: the window with the word TYPEDB comes up very briefly and closes immideatly after. In my prompt appear two strings …

Is there anything in the typedb log?

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I am sorry. Do you have any idea where I can find this log file? Thanks!

IS it this file:

If I am correct and if there are logs it should be in the server folder: server/logs according to the server config file:
But there is no “logs” directory in the server folder so I guess no logs were produced?

I have found the issue. You can close this issue. I had to run things as an administrator. Thanks for your help. have a nice weekend!

Interestingly, it may not have booted up? If you run it with with start before the command what happens?

start typedb server