Visualizing Schema as a graph

I am new to TypeDB Studio. I have created a schema and committed it to my database. Is there a way to visualize the graph for the schema in Studio, before adding any data? I am working on the latest version (2.17.0) for macOS. Alternatively, is there any other compatible tool or client that can be used to visualize the schema?


Sure! Use the following query:

match $x sub thing;

This will provide you with a graph of the schema.


Cool! That worked. Thank you so much!

Somehow this doesn’t work for me.

I’ve created a clean new database, wrote the Quickstart schema example to database and tried out your query. I get this error:

## Error> [TQL03] TypeQL Error: There is a syntax error at line 1:
match $x sub thing;
no viable alternative at input 'match $x sub thing;'

If I add the instance data from the quickstart as well and try out some basic example queries, that does work. But then still I cannot query the schema it seems.

Can anyone help me out? (Perhaps I should create a new topic)


Hi @bartkl
Since the introduction of fetch, TypeQL requires a match statement to be followed by either a get or a fetch.

Here, you should just need to add a get

match $x sub thing; get;
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Ah, thanks, that works :slight_smile:. I’m new to the framework, and very excited for it!