Bookstore database

I am a newbie and was trying to learn the TYpeql using the bookstore database.I guess it is available only in docker and it is not working due to some mismatch.Is there anyway you can publish the bookstore data set on github?

The data is here: typedb-sample-data/datasets at master · vaticle/typedb-sample-data · GitHub
The docker container just runs a script to set up typedb and load the data from here.

Could you also share the error you get when you try to run the docker container?

Thanks Krishnan.

For someone who struggling how to fix this issue like me solution is simple as follows.This applies to local installations without docker sample image.

First go to Typedb studio
from drop down create a database bookstore
select schema > open a page by clicking +
paste contents in bookstore-schema.tql starting at line 18 “define”, then run query.
don’t forget to commit the entries.

then go to data >write
open a new page
paste contents from bookstore-data.tql ,starting line 18 #country; then run query,will take some time for this step. Then commit.

That’s it ,test the database with the test query on setting up page.

The issue after this is no graph generated in studio by this method.Returning queries but no graph tab generated

i used this to get the plot

match $x sub thing; get;

The error on docker run is below
> The requested image’s platform (linux/arm64/v8) does not match the detected host platform (linux/amd64/v3) and no specific platform was requested
> exec /bin/sh: exec format error