TypeDB Studio GUI does not scale


I am using Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa.

Using TypeDB Studio 2.11.0 and earlier versions, the interface does not scale with my OS GUI. My screen is 2k, so the text and menu etc is unreadably small on my 13’ screen. See the attached screenshot.

Do yo guys have a solution to this? I have googled, but have so far come up dry? Maybe I need to effectively reduce the resolution of my screen in the display settings, but I would prefer not to do that as I like it nice and sharp.



Thanks for the report! I’ve filed Font size preference · Issue #600 · vaticle/typedb-studio · GitHub .

As it may be some time before this is implemented, perhaps using a magnifier would work? (source: Magnify a screen area. )

Any luck with this scaling issue on graph output

@keron , you can zoom in and out on Graph Output using your mouse wheel or trackpad. All graph elements will be scaled.