Highlighted output in typedb studio queries

In typedb studio ,I am getting response to queries in red color as below

and not like below,which is more readable.

Is this an expected behavior or something I am not doing right?
OS debian 12.

Hi, are you on the most recent version of TypeDB Studio? If I use 2.27.0 then the highlighting is yellow and pink rather than just pink. That said, it isn’t yellow, white, and pink like it is shown in the docs. Many thanks for raising this.

Thank you James! I was using older version 2.26.
Also,the 2.27 came with a *.deb package installer. No more ./typedb-studio.
It is working in dual color and hence more readable. Not being greedy but any chance it may appear in Yellow ,white and pink in the near future?

That’s the plan! I’ve opened an issue, feel free to add your comments.

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